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Shaleigh Rae

RAediant LLC

Shaleigh Rae: creator, writer, and mama.


About Me

Hi there, I'm Shaleigh ("Shay-Lee")!

First, thank you for taking the time to browse my website + blog. The support I receive from the people in my life is priceless. Whether it's an occasional browse on my blog, a "like" on my Instagram posts, or subscribing to be kept up-to-date on everything, I'm incredibly grateful for your support.

The idea to share my passion for writing didn't come without encouragement from a few of the most valued people in my life (if you're one of those people, know I love and appreciate you so much!)

Being transparent, it's difficult to be vulnerable... to lay everything out for strangers (or even worse, friends and family) to read. In the fall of 2021, I had reached a point in my nursing career where the thought of being judged for my truths became less intimidating than doing something my body, mind, and spirit was telling me I wasn't meant to do.

I currently work part-time as a Registered Nurse in medical aesthetics. For those who are unfamiliar with that field, think cosmetic services like Botox injections and Filler. When I'm not treating clients, I'm working on my latest freelance project.

I've been blessed with a variety of work since founding RAEdiant LLC in 2021. Some of these projects have included: digital content creation, proofreading, copy editing, long-and-short-form copywriting, website design, SEO, and interviewing. I am always looking to improve my skills and will gladly accept the challenge to learn something new!

with love, Shaleigh Rae

Shaleigh Rae standing against a blue, wave background with pampas grass in a vase on the floor
Silhouette of Shaleigh Rae against a window.

Digital notepad



Content Creation

Article writing

Blog writing


Logo design/Branding


Social Media content

Website design + maintenance

Editing  +
Research +

Exploratory research

Causal research

Research review (Medical)

In-person interviews

Virtual interviews

Search Engine Optimization

Clients + 

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